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2019 creation

This show is about mutual aid and surrender. Creating a contact that becomes unavoidable, inevitable and necessary. Through the use of contact dance, the movement stages the contradiction between the idea that, although the other person bothers us, he or she is indispensable to our progress, to our personal evolution. The fall can only be avoided by bringing two bodies together until they are confined. As in a crowd, the evolution and progress of one depends on the movement of the other, the bodies mingle until they merge.

It was during their training at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon that Théo Marion-Wuillemin and Julie Richalet created and performed a duet in collaboration with the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. In the magnificent galleries of the Museum, Théo and Julie begin a research project that is guided by the paintings that inhabit this space. From 17th century paintings, from Rubens and Le Sueur, the duo borrows its overabundant colours and its crowded, embracing bodies. Linked to each other, their dance is confined, armed with desires and bent to external forces. From then on, they began a collaboration with Margaux Hocquard (stage designer) and Benjamin Bailly (musician and composer).

​Artistic director :  Julie Richalet et Théo MW

Composer and live musician : Benjamin Bailly

Dancers : Julie Richalet et Théo MW

Lighting design : Agathe Geffroy

Video design : Margaux Hocquard

Production : Les Sept Marches


Co-production :  Les Ateliers Médicis-Clichy-Montfermeil as part of the "Création en cours"
scheme, The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Culture


Supported by : The Footsbarn Theater, L'Abéïcité de Corbigny, Le CND de Lyon, La Limonaderie - Cie Ballet 21, Les Conservatoires de Bagnolet, de Paris 13ème et de Saint-Etienne


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