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©Emmanuelle Staüble

2022 creation

Premiere end of septembrer - beginning of octobrer 2022

It is an immersion into the music. The bodies must sweat the rhythm, they must persist in the tempo, they must burn themselves out in the groove.


Thus animated, the exhausted performers will lose control, and their identity will be revealed. Through this lyrical feat, the unconscious will free itself from its barriers and release a poetry that navigates the unspeakable.


"The scars mark my body. All the unsaid things come back to the surface and reappear in the present. I have to deal with them. I want to tell this unspeakable, in the desire to create a sense of common experience."

Artistic director : Théo MARION--WUILLEMIN Dancers : Eugénie DAL-MOLIN, Tristan GAZEAU, Victoria KENNETT

Lighting : Agathe GEOFFROY

Production : Com Corpus


Supported by : Drac Ara, Département Loire, Ville de Saint-Etienne, Théâtre du Parc, Le Croiseur, Théâtre à Durée Indéterminée, CND, Adami Spedidam


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