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Lucie Charlotte Perrusset

- President of the company

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Lucie Charlotte graduated with a master's degree in management of creative and cultural industries. She works with private and public actors to promote art and culture in France and abroad. For many years, she has been fascinated by the performing arts, and more particularly by contemporary dance.


After studying at the CRR in Chalon sur Saône, she attended an economic and commercial preparatory class before entering a business school.


She never stopped dancing as an amateur and getting involved with associations. Today, she wishes to reinforce her support for the performing arts by accompanying ambitious projects.

Nahuel Renaud

- Secretary of the association

Bio Nahuel.jpg

Nahuel Renaud was initially trained as a contemporary dancer at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon. After a short stage experience she decided to make dance an extra-professional activity and turned to osteopathy. In 2020 she joined the Osteopathic Institute of Bordeaux.


Enriched by her experiences, she continues to be involved in the
artistic world and is fascinated by creation.


Tristan Gazeau

- Dancer                          

Tristan GAZEAU _Milla Vigliengo.jpeg

Tristan Gazeau is a young contemporary dancer from Paris. He began his training as a contemporary dancer at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris, where he made his first artistic acquaintances with Daniel Larrieu and Darrell Devis.


After two years in Paris, Tristan pursued his academic training at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon. It was within this training that he developed his own artistic language thanks to numerous creation projects, meetings and training courses with choreographers and international dancers. He has therefore come across the work of Sita Ostheimer, Carolyn Carlson, Yuval Pick, Sharon Eyal and Sasha Waltz.


Tristan graduated from the CNSMDL in March 2020 and is now curious to
discover new artistic worlds and styles to feed his creativity.


Eugénie Dal Molin

- Dancer                     

© Milla Vigliengo

Photo Eugénie.jpg

© Milla Vigliengo

Eugénie started dancing at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Chalon sur Saône where she graduated with a D.E.C Contemporary in 2011 and a D.E.C Jazz in 2014. She practiced post-modern techniques (Cunningham, Lemon). She met Alban Richard and Johan Saunier there. Jazz is the second discipline she practices.

She obtained her DNSPD in 2017, after joining the PSPBB. She crossed the sources of Jazz and practiced Modern Dance (Iris Florentini - soloist for the Graham Dance Company). She discovered modern jazz while working with Uri Sands and Tony Pierce (USA Florida) of the Cie TU Dance, as well as withBarak Marshall (Israel). At the same time, Eugénie graduated from the University of Paris 8 in 2018 with a degree in Performing Arts: Dance Professions.


Eugénie weaves a way of thinking about dance that combines text with the body in movement. Theatre is an art that she experiments with by meeting Romain Fohr (teacher at Paris 3) and then by joining the Laboratoire de Formation au Théâtre Physique directed by Maxime Franzetti. There she works with Frédéric Jessua, Thomas Condemine, Thomas Bouvet, Peggy Dias and Marie Desoubeaux.


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