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HOEK is a research collective founded in July 2020 and made up of four Franco-Belgian dancers. This research laboratory is composed of Dunya Narli, Victoria Kennett, Théo Marion-Wuilemin and Elise Ludinard. Improvisation and instant composition are the focus of the collective. The performances are then always singular and the result of the immediate moment. The collective gives itself space and time to develop its research, its own practice and their performances. HOEK actively contributes to the evolution of choreographic art.

The dancers create a common base that allows them to be attentive to individual instinctive choices. The group choreographic compositions come to life through the dancers working on their shared awareness of the instant. One of HOEK's working points is to deepen the quality of personal decision making, in all its possibilities. It is also about being able to play with complex structures through high quality movement research. Dancers develop their improvisational techniques to create rich and vivid instant compositions. This provides a solid foundation that is the starting point for the collective to develop its potential. They are then able to adapt to any situation they may encounter during a performance. This is where their practice shifts. They want to take dance and the body outside the studio and the theatre. They find a common interest in investing space, such as an industrial space, a historical building through social and urban projects.

Victoria, Elise, Dunya and Theo worked together last summer for the first time. They were hosted in residence at l'Accroche and at the Maison de la Création. HOEK organised a public sharing of their work and workshops at l'Accroche. The collective performed at the Tic Tac Art Center and the Bac à Sable following an invitation to participate in the Biennale Clandestine. HOEK is organising new residencies in Belgium and France to continue its research, but also to invest in new spaces and give workshops to share and deepen its own practice.

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